The Poetry of Web Design
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A synthesis of smart, creative design and leading-edge technologies, we create strategic Web solutions for meeting organizational objectives and providing quality user experiences. We provide solutions to meet any budget.

As former employees of more established, $100 an hour web businesses we understand what the big guys offer, but we offer it for much less.

Please contact us with a description of your needs and we will get back to you with a free quote.

Web Design and Redesign

We create Web sites that are elegant, unique and straightforward, with your target publics in mind.

Responsive Design

Small, portable Web-accessible devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in our Web hungry world. We follow responsive web design standards so that your website will display properly across all major mobile devices.

PHP Coding

Web logs, message boards, user profiles, search-within-site engines -- beyond static pages are pages that change based on user and information input. We create dynamic content that is not only highly functional but also user friendly.

Content Management Systems

Start doing Web site updates yourself, with our easy-to-use Content Management software.  Updating text on pages is as easy as using any popular word processing software, and inserting pictures requires only a couple of clicks to upload and then specifying positioning of the images in the document.  Simply log in to a hidden portion of the site, make the necessary changes, and then publish them to make them effective on the site.  You can even preview your changes before committing them.

We are versed in Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla.


Adding secure shopping cart functionality to your Web site to gives customers the option to make purchases directly off your site. The billing information is sent and processed automatically by your merchant account and the customer then receives a receipt for payment. You then receive the shipping and product information.

Web Maintenance

Attention to detail and effective two-way communication drive our web maintenance services, so that things are done right the first time. We will work with you to get new changes made in a time-efficient manner.


Ambassador Entertainment

Raleigh Movie Theaters

Innovation in Marketing

Marketing consultation

NC State Biology Group

University RNA Research Group

Rob Logic

Progressive Art and Music

The Metal Shop

Carrboro Custom Metalworking Shop

Solid Sound

Sound System Design and Installation


In our world, Web design is poetry. We recognize that good design is subtle, provoking unconscious and conscious responses with no parts drawing attention from the overall effect. A natural, intuitive flow exists in the page navigation and information architecture. Synchrony exists between your organization’s image and the image projected by your Web site. We play by the rules and break them as appropriate. From design to coding, passion drives what we do.

Philip Banachiewicz

Web Designer / Developer

Philip’s technical inclination revealed itself at the age of eight when attempting to create a computer game using a programming language. Naturally middle and high school electives were primarily dominated by computer classes. A Cum Laude graduate from NCSU with a BA in Communication, he spent the last two years of college working professionally as a web designer, and has worked for several local high-rated web design companies. His perfectionist nature makes him a veracious consumer of information, always looking for ways to do his job better. To unwind Philip reads, practices martial arts, meditates, and listens to electronic music. He is currently the only member of DigitalHarmony.

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